The Change Challenge: Creatures of Habit

It's a dog's life.

I watched my dog the other day.  She yelped when it was time to eat in the morning.  She waited for the food and then made a beeline to the back yard to do her business.  She came into the house and sniffed around all the cabinets.  She found her bone and chewed for a while.  She wanted out again.  She got excited when I put on my shoes because she knew we would be going outside.  She wanted fed again at night.  She curled up at my feet as I watched TV.  She went to bed for the night on her pillow.

And the entire process started all over again the next day.

And my life isn’t any different, really.  I wake up.  I clean up.  I eat.  I go to work.  I work.  I return home.  I eat.  I watch some TV.  I get ready for bed.  I read in bed.  I fall asleep with the book on my chest and the light on.  And the entire process starts over the next day.

Becoming a better person, The Change Challenge, involves shaking up the routine.  Trying the new.  Changing the course of our day.  Instead of being a slave to our routine, we can create a new routine, a new schedule.  Even if it is only for one day.

So try something different today.  If you normally light a cigarette and watch “The View”, today you can go for a walk and listen to the birds in the trees.  If you routinely call your sister and talk for a half hour, spend that time visiting your neighbor.  If you listen to Bob & Tom on the way to work, turn the station to NPR or classical music.

Shake up your day.  Make it different.  Make it better.


2 thoughts on “The Change Challenge: Creatures of Habit

  1. Ok, curt, today I am turning over a new leaf. Thanks to you, I’m skipping church, going back to bed now. Will sleep to noon and take SPRC calls later today! I love these new beginnings!


    • I’m glad I was there to help. As you know, I’ve been working hard to help people live life differently. I usually mean to live life BETTER but change is always good and if you need to turn your life around, I’m here for you. All this effort and hard work is worth it if I can help one lost soul (in your case one saved soul but I’m not picky)!


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