Life According to Hoosiers: Your Enjoyment

Coach Dale keeps the boys running in their first practice.

My practices are not designed for your enjoyment.”  And with that, Coach Dale begins putting the boys through their paces.  He has them run up the court and down.  They run from line to line.  They bounce the ball, learn to pass, develop a team mentality.  He pushes them as hard as he can.  He attempts to get the most out of each boy with no apology for the sweat and tears he is producing along the way.

Too often we think that the things in our life are there simply for enjoyment.  But the truth is, anything worth having requires effort. Our family, our work, our homes…these all have potential to be enjoyable aspects of our life.  We want the enjoyment, we expect the enjoyment.  But we rarely want the hard work that is required to reach that end.

Our children can excel in school and when they do, we can celebrate.  But they have to study, put in the late hours, do the hard work.  And that isn’t enjoyable.

We can find success at our job and when we do, we often get promoted or at least acknowledged.  But we have to put in the late hours, know our product, invest in the customer and the product.  And that isn’t enjoyable.

Our home can be our castle and sometimes they look like one.  But to get the siding just right, the kitchen counter correct, the tile perfect requires some sweat equity (or a big bank roll).  Either one isn’t always enjoyable.

But each of these levels of success, each achievement, is a result of effort, time and consistent, hard work.  And, while that isn’t always enjoyable, the end result is worth it.

One thought on “Life According to Hoosiers: Your Enjoyment

  1. Really good work is about delayed satisfaction. I enjoy hard work that results in good things. From digging ditches to solving problems in the most sophisitcated microprocessors; you get back what you put in. On a good day, just a little bit more 🙂

    Today, it microprocessors. 🙂


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