You People Are Sick

I'm working my fingers to the bone to bring you the freshest, finest posts around.

I have been writing, drawing, photographing and illustrating my web sites for nearly eight years.  In all that time, I have never had more visits to my blogs than when I posted articles about my wife’s birthday, my son’s humiliation at work, the fact that Jesus hates pumpkins and my first kiss.

Seriously, don’t you people have any other interests?  Must I pander to your basest instincts just to get a visit or two to look at art for art’s sake?

But in the interest of my readers, I’m willing to write a few articles with a little more snap.  I’ll throw in a little rumor and innuendo if that gets your attention.  I’m not beyond stooping to new lows just to get a hit on my web site.

For instance, did you know that I once kissed a girl and I liked it?

Can you believe I once got Jiggy wit it?

I’m naked under my clothes.

I once found a fly in my soup doing the back-stroke.

Friends don’t let friends…well, they don’t let them do lots of things if they are good friends:  Like drive while drinking, drugs, drink at Starbucks, pay full price for a good mattress.

You think these are sexy?  Well, howdy, there more where those came from!  You’d better stay posted!  You never know what you might find here at the Acre!