Life According to Hoosiers: “There’s Fundamentals”

“I’ve seen you guys can shoot but there’s more to the game than shooting.  There’s fundamentals and defense!”

Fundamentals are a key to understanding the game, understanding the process, understanding life.  When we are able to drill down to the very root of an issue, the very essence of the problem, the very nature of the situation, we can reach the core of the matter and deal with it successfully.  But to get to that fundamental state, sometimes we have to “unlearn” everything we know about the game.

Too often we come onto the court of our day with preconceived notions and expectations.  We think the day requires shooting, offensive posture, aggressive action.  In reality, most of the days we live require nothing more than the fundamentals:  Play As A Team, Pass The Ball, Be Prepared, Outlast Your Opponent, and so much more.

Wise words from Coach Dale.