The To-Do List

Making a list of those items that need to be completed has always been my best operating method.  Sometimes the list is on a piece of paper.  Other times the list is on the back of an envelope or a napkin.  More often, I use a dry erase marker on the patio door.

Some lists are easily completed.  Like the list that includes brushing my teeth and buying more Q-tips.

A few lists are fun to tackle: Watch ALL the Academy Nominated movies, listen to Sting’s new album or pick up the Pizza for tonight’s party.

Other lists are quite the challenge.  For instance, completing the FASFA.  This one is really looming large.  Balancing my checkbook is never easy to cross off.  Paint the trim, wash the dog, put away the clean clothes, iron my shirts…so many on the list that just aren’t fun.  But they are necessary.  And when they are don, I will be a better person for doing them.

So, this morning, on this day, I WILL start completing items on my list.  Now if I can just get Hugo or The Help on streaming on Netfix.  I feel productive already.


  1. Lists are great, helpful, but almost always just a way to write down things you need to do-don’t want to do. You somehow get those out of your head into the physical world, so maybe they’ll stop bugging you. “you need to do this, you need to do this, you need to do this.” “I know I need to do it. I wrote it down. See.” Haha that’s why lists are great. Like your blog. Really, I like your blog. Following (:


  2. Listing. I do this myself. I have even written an essay on it, although I think I lost it (the essay) when I lost the list that included the item: Get Organized.


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