Laundry Day

We all do it. There are no exceptions. Our clothes get soiled through careless action, accidental spills and daily wear. And, unless we have an unlimited clothing budget that allows us to throw out the dirty and replace with new, we have to wash our clothes.  We have to get the dirt out.  We have to load the quarters, fill up the soap dispenser, and turn on the tap.

Whether you visit the laundromat, use a wash tub in your back yard, beat your shirts on rocks in the stream, or venture into your own well-equipped laundry room, you’ve got to do the dirty work to remove the stains.

Life is the same way.  We get dirty, either through carelessness, accidents, or daily life. We say things that soil our souls.  We see things that dirty our heart.  We do things that tarnish our reputation.

Isn’t it time to take out the laundry in your own life?  Clean up your act.  Wash out your mouth.  Scrub your soul. Spring clean your spirit.  It will do your mental health a lot of good.

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  1. I’m pretty sure you snuck into our house and photographed our washing machine for this post. That’s just weird, Curt.


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