Life’s Journey

August 9, 1985 the Journey began.

Let’s take a break from our deep thoughts for just a moment.  No prayers.  No scripture passages.  No Holy, lofty thoughts.

Instead, I want to pause and take a moment to reflect on my darling wife and all that she means to me.

She is the one person who stood with me, walked beside me, carried my burdens, strengthened my weakness and celebrated my success.

She has been there when I’ve struggled my greatest and soared my highest.

I would do anything for her, to protect her, to honor her.  And I know she would do the same for me.

She is the greatest gift of my life and the love of my heart.

I am so very thankful for my dear Anita.

Life has not always been, nor will it always be easy.  But if we are standing side by side along that road, we’ll be okay.  We are a great team and I can’t imagine this Journey without her.


  1. Italy reporting in!
    But seriously, I enjoy all your essays, but especially this tribute to your partner, friend and wife. Congratulations to both of you. A great example and inspiration.

    Thank you.


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