This is HARD Work

Never let the sun go down on a difficult situation.

Have you ever struggled with a sticky situation?

Have you ever danced with a difficult dilemma?

Have you ever wrestled with responsibility?

Have you ever grappled with a growing grief?

It’s hard work. AND, it’s work that should never be faced alone.  Facing life’s challenges by yourself is foolish.  Some burdens just can’t be carried by one.  So, surround yourself with wise people.  Develop a team of experts.  Pull in people who have faced the same tough task and came out on the other side.  Choose people you trust.  Select people you respect.  Find people who care for you and who are willing to help you through.

And when you do find this team, they will come along side, pick up the burden and walk with you.  They will make the situation simple.  They will help diminish the dilemma.  They will reduce the responsibility.  They will ground the grief.

In the end, the hard work is made easier by the strength of many.