No Barriers

Our youngest is completing his junior year of high school and has visions of becoming a great man of music.  His level of enthusiasm for life, his music and his friends is unmatched.

When was the last time you faced life with the same unbridled passion?  If your answer is, “When I was 17,” you fail the test.

Yes, I know the bills pile up and the dishes stack up.  The yard needs mowed and the laundry is calling.  Work is a struggle and your family doesn’t understand.  Your bones ache, your joints creek and you spend more money on tests and doctors than tropical destinations.

But we should live life as if there are no obstacles, only opportunities.  No barriers only beautiful horizons.  No problems, only possibilities.

How?  Change your attitude.  Live a life of gratitude.  Look at others for what you can do for them, rather what they should do for you. Reach out to others and offer your very best. Every person is a new friend.  Every day is a new adventure.  Imagine who you could meet and where you could go if you only opened your eyes to the possibilities.