The Change Challenge: My Own Back Yard

Sitting on our back porch at night was an open show for all to see. The street lamp, skillfully placed in the center of the yard by the previous owner ensured that no night-time activity went unnoticed.

While cleaning out a box of old pictures, I found group of photos held together with tape.  It is a panorama of our back yard taken some time in the spring of 2002.  Can I just say that I was shocked by this picture?  Compared to the view from our back porch today, the yard in this picture is a different place.  Of course, the trees are filled with leaves today but even without the foliage, there is a huge difference in the view.

And as always, two thoughts come to my mind.

First, I’d forgotten how bad our back yard looked.  I remember that it was an eye sore and needed more work than I could muster at the time.  But I had no idea it looked THAT barren, that bleak, that BAD!

Second, ten years ago I had no idea what that back yard would look like today.  I had no way of predicting that the yard could look THIS glorious, this green, this GOOD!

And then I think about my life.  Ten years ago my life was barren, bleak and BAD.  At the time I had no idea where I would be in ten years.  I couldn’t even imagine what it might look like, what areas of my life might grow into something beautiful or bloom with new purpose.

We can’t always predict what will happen with time.  But we can plant the seeds of hope, tend the soil of opportunity, and water the landscape of our lives.

Who knows, we might look back a decade later and be pleasantly surprised.

Our oasis after a decade of tending and hard work.