The 30 Day Adventure – The Biggest Hurdle

Nothing is better than a big cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Controlling my appetites over the month of June required that I give up some of my favorite foods:  Dairy, caffeine, meat, sweets, soda, beer or wine.  No problem, right?  Wrong.

By day three the caffeine headache was so severe that I assumed my head was just going to pop off my shoulders and fall on the floor. Prior to this month, it was not uncommon for me to drink a little coffee in the morning: only one little pot at home and another 3-4 cups at work.  A can of diet coke at lunch and I would limp through my afternoon with a 32 ounce diet coke.  After a couple cans of diet coke for supper and I was wired for sound.  I then would end my night with a nice hot cup of coffee and a bowl of ice cream.  The perfect day.

So giving up my little addiction, cold-turkey, might not have been such a good idea.  But day four came and I could see out of both eyes again and I was pretty sure I was going to shake it!

In reality, giving up caffeine was one of the hardest things I did this month but also one of the best things I could do during the entire month.  I find that now I am more calm.  Of course, my reflexes aren’t as sharp but at least  I don’t require a stimulant to make it through my day. In fact, I worked 35 hours in three days last week and, while tired, the days went very quickly and I was productive the entire time.  My mood was stable.  My attitude stayed positive.

After carefully reviewing my month, I can honestly say that I like me off the caffeine.  I like the fact that my life has more balance from moment to moment, hour to hour.  And the odd thing is that I don’t miss it at all.  Oh, I’d like a diet coke for the fizz in my mouth or the taste on my tongue but I don’t miss the caffeine.  Not one bit.

Now excuse me while I go suck down some more of that wonderful Noblesville City water!