Visiting Holiday World – Body Image

A view of the Wave Pool at Holiday World.

My family took a few days and drove to the southern tip of the state of Indiana to visit a “Theme Park”.  For those of you unfamiliar with Kings’ Island, Six Flags, Cedar Point or Disney, let me introduce you to Indiana’s treasure:  Holiday World.

You can get all the vital statistics about the park from other sources.  I intend on illuminating the issues that matter most about the park.  I will answer the questions you care about the most.  For instance:  What about the food?  Will I feel comfortable in a swimsuit with Santa Claus standing next to me?  Is it really the friendliest park?  And many more.

But today we will begin with the issue that haunts me every time I slip on my swimming suit and wade into the water.  Will people stare at my body?  Now, I ask this question, NOT because I am a beauty worthy of gazing.  In fact, my body image shifted about 35 years ago when my studying and desk work replaced my active life style and farm work.  I went from a bean-pole of a guy to a guy who ate the entire bean pole and all the beans.

So slipping off my shirt and tucking in my muffin tops can be a little unnerving…until I visited Holiday World in the state that ranks 15th in the number of fat people.  Some of the folks we met came from Missouri (ranking 11th) and Kentucky (currently ranked #5 in fattest people in the land).  So my body image actually improved while I was paddling in the Wave Pool.

Oh, sure, there are beautiful young men and women with perfect tans strutting their slender bodies along the hot pavement, but I suspect they were all from Illinois (ranked 23rd in the nation).  We all hated them.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Holiday World – Body Image

  1. We visited Holiday World this past weekend, driving up from the second-most obese state in the Union (if you believe those convenient stats), Alabama.

    Like you, I own a bad body image. But after my run through the Splashin Safari I felt I looked like Mr. Universe, compared to most of the folks half my age! Honestly, there were only a few young males whose physiques even approached acceptable for their ages. It was a shocking sight!


  2. What about when you road the rides, roller coasters were you able to fit the belt on?? tha’ts my biggest concern when i go to amusement parks..


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