A Whale of a Tale

My role: Frank the Pirate.

This has been a big week.  Last Friday I received an email from my friend, John.  He asked me if I would like to try out for a part in one of his movies.

The set-up for filming on Friday night at Frank’s place.

By Sunday, I was recording voice over work.  By Friday, I was setting up for the shoot of our first scene.  Today, I spent 8 hours dressed as a pirate and using all the “ARRRR’s”, “GRRRRR’s” and “Blimey’s” I could muster.  My throat is sore, my face itches from the beard and I am exhausted.  I could just fall asleep while I write this…

BUT, despite the fatigue and laryngitis, it was just a great experience. Above all, I had the privilege of working with Pam and John Gaither as they lead their summer interns in the Keynote video production process.

Frank on the big screen.
John, Frank, Missy & Pam.

Young men and women come from around the country to learn how to write a script, shoot a film and edit the final product.  It is challenging and hard work and I loved every minute of it.  The Gaither’s are a wonderful example of love in action and they provide amazing direction and support all along the way.  They serve as producers and mentors for the entire process.

We shot the final footage this afternoon.  My “co-star” Missy Shopshire, was great to work with and kicked my butt in the fight scene!  She joined the cast even later than my call but filled the role perfectly and was a great sport.

The crew is still hard at work on many aspects of the film.

And now the production team has less than two weeks to come up with a final edited version of the film, appropriately titled “Overboard”.  Look for it on VIMO and Transworld Squirrel Pictures in the coming months!

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