Lessons From A Class Reunion, Part 2

Sheila, Kimberly and Beth catch up during the Saturday night event.

Should you desire to plan your class reunion, here is another piece of wisdom gained from my own fool-hardy agreement to help with our 30-year.

2.  THIS AIN’T A ONE-MAN-BAND:  I am amazed at how much effort went into planning this event.  I can’t imagine trying to pull off a gathering without great people working together.  Our reunion planning required a dozen people working on every aspect of the event:  From planning the food to securing the venues.  From finding addresses of lost classmates to creating decorations.  Each person worked on different areas and when it was all said and done we enjoyed four opportunities to see our old friends, each with a different feel, a different location and a different group.

Nancy got the ball rolling, Beth devoted her energies to finding lost classmates and I put out fires.  The Friday Event would not have been possible without Rick, who provided the church and Sheila and Cassandra who made sure we were well-fed.  Kelly secured the Legion Hall for the Saturday program and Tina, Kimberly and Patti worked tirelessly to make the decorations, get corporate sponsors set up the hall.  Sonja catered the best food we’ve ever eaten and Randy and Rick booked the DJ.  The Sunday Picnic was entirely carried on Lee’s broad shoulders and the Pizza King gathering was Kelly’s brainchild.

We have received only positive responses and, to be honest, it could not have gone any better.

Most importantly, it was is a valuable lesson learned.  Life is a group effort, not a one-man-show.  When we surround our selves with skilled, passionate people, we all win.  We enjoy the most success when we stop living life single handedly but enjoy the company of those who are willing to share the journey.  Why, even the Lone Ranger had Silver and Tonto to help him when he was in a tough spot!