Lessons From A Class Reunion, Part 3

Great friends from my high school days, Brent Roahrig and Heather Hinshaw Sessoms.

If you are anything like me…and hopefully you are not…you have friends from around the globe and from decades past.  Nothing proves this more than your 30 year class reunion.

Lesson #3.  CHERISH THOSE WHO MADE YOU, YOU!  There were about 95 people who graduated in our class way back in 1982.  Before the invention of Facebook, I’d kept touch with none of them.  And that was a mistake.

Not because I want to go back and relive the golden days.  And not because I think these are the best friends of my life.  But these people were critical to making me who I am today.  I blame them all.

And so, seeing their faces, listening to their stories, remembering good times, laughing about great times, and sharing hard times is an important part of life.  Pretending it never happened doesn’t change the fact that it did. I realize we won’t go putt-putting in Muncie or catch a picture at the Rivoli on a Friday night but the heart of our friendship will never die.

And so, after 30 years apart, seeing these dear ones was like picking up where we left off.  We reviewed the journey that brought us to this place and after a few short hours, said our goodby’s, vowing that we will do this again.  But this time it won’t be 30 years until we see one another again.  It is a promise I intend to keep.