Cow Milking isn’t JUST for Old People

Grazing cattle in southern Indiana, October 2009.

I take offense to the The Indy Channel’s article about the State Fair. Written by some anonymous hack, the post refers to a new character in “Cow Town” who doesn’t seem to understand that we live in Indiana and being a rural state, some people still live on farms.

Cactus Farrell is quoted as saying, “you get to milk a cow by hand the old-fashioned way — how grandma and grandpa used to do.”

I have news for you, Cactus.  I’m not a grandpa and I milked cows by hand for many, MANY years.  I was so adept at milking that I could shoot a fly off the wall at 40 paces!  (It was really more like 6 feet but I’m not telling Cactus that.)

Cow milking was our bread and butter.  Literally.  Day and night we would milk the cow (we only had one).  That milk was allowed to sit and the cream would rise to the top. Skim off the cream, hand churn the wonderful fatty substance and soon we had butter.  Take that same fantastic milk fat and add sugar and flavoring and we could just as easily get ice cream.  Pour it straight over Sugar Smacks or Cap’n Crunch in the morning and you have yourself quite a dandy breakfast.

I’m not sure why my cholesterol is high.

But back to the point of this blog:  Cactus and Anonymous Writer have it all wrong.  Milking isn’t just for Grandpa in the Olden Days!  And if I hear this come from Cactus’ lips today, I just might have to take him behind the wood shed and teach him some manners.