Fair Friends

Parks and Austin Families, August 3, 2012

I can’t explain how it happens but for the past few years we’ve found the Parks – or they’ve found us – in random locations around the State Fair.

Janice and I worked together at the church in Avilla for three years and Scott was one of those wonderful blessings in my life while I served in that pulpit.

When our we moved to Indy in 1999, our families didn’t keep in touch except for an occasional email from Janice to update me on the status of a church family or to share some good news about the church.

And yet, over the past three years, we have been blessed run into each other at the State Fair.  It isn’t planned and it is never in the same place.  But it is always a gift.  One year we saw them coming out of the Ball State pavilion.  One year it was near the grandstand.  This year, as we were walking away from the Pioneer Village (which we have not visited since our children were little) the Parks began yelling our names because they spotted us!

We were without kids this year and they were short one child but it gave us a wonderful opportunity to chat, catch up and prepare for the next year’s meeting.  Fifteen minutes with old friends:  Not nearly enough time but a blessing and a gift that was a highlight of my day.