My Son: Braveheart

Pirate Ben.

Ben is a warrior at heart.  He isn’t angry.  He doesn’t rage.  But he is strong and courageous and I am constantly amazed at his passion for life and love of others.

When he was just a young boy he would willingly part with a prized possession if it meant someone else could find happiness.  He gave freely, loved strongly, and lived in a world of constant energy and enthusiasm.  For several years he was convinced his name was “Gus” or “Buzz Lightyear”.  His world was made better because of the fantasies in his head.  But his feet were firmly on the ground when helping others.

As a young man, he always looked for new adventures and tried to learn new skills in music, art and sport.  He played hard, ran fast and took risks whenever possible.  Whether rock climbing in the Rockie Mountains or learning Parkour by climbing from our fence to the roof of the house, Ben pushed the boundaries.


This past weekend, I witnessed yet another amazing aspect of my son’s personality and character.  During Band Day, Ben, the warrior, was a strong presence during the day’s activities.  He led the kids onto the field, he led them in cheers, and he was the standard bearer during the preliminary presentations.  He was a force of energy and enthusiasm and it was a joy to watch him do what he loves with adults who understand him, encourage him, and lead him.