Spotify: A Very Good Thing

I’m an eclectic music listener.  I appreciate music of many different kinds:  From A Capella to Big Band.  From Blue Eyes to Black Keys.  From Classical to Show Tunes.  From Gospel Music to the Black Eyed Peas.  From Little Richard to Lil Wayne.

So, when my youngest son introduced me to Spotify, I knew right away that this was the program that would make my listening pleasure complete.

You see, I live on a budget that doesn’t include hundreds of dollars for music.  I want to legally enjoy new music and old favorites.  With Spotify, I can listen to nearly every album that exists at one low monthly fee without worrying about copyright violations or breaking my bank.

If you are looking for a great program that offers unlimited listening pleasure, Spotify is for you.  If, on the other hand, you are determined to spend $17 per CD or risk jail time, then don’t even consider this humble recommendation.  Just keep ripping your friend’s copies and pretending it isn’t a problem.

But, until you come to your senses, you can find me with my earphones in…I’m turning up the soundtrack from Footloose even as I type!