It’s Who You Know

Catching a movie is an Austin Vacation Tradition!

While on vacation last week, we went to two movies at the Portage 16 IMax.  This is a very nice theater that offers free refills on your soda and 50 cent refills on your popcorn.  The place is clean and very colorful.  Of course the movies were over-priced and the snacks were even more expensive than the movies.  But it’s a tradition for our family to see a movie during our summer holiday and so on Monday we viewed the newest Batman movie and on Friday we took in the latest Bourne film. To be honest, neither movie was fantastic but the experience itself was amazing…and here is why.

We were lucky enough during both visits to be assisted by a very lovely and energetic worker named Tyler.  Tyler is a beautiful young lady who had a perpetual smile on her face and is happy to help you with anything you might need:  Tyler helped us purchase tickets and politely invited us to visit the concession stand for our snacks.  When the line became too long for popcorn, she stepped up to the plate and asked if she could help.  During our second visit she sold us the tickets and then was assigned to take our tickets near the theater entrances.

Tyler: Winner of the Best Smile of Portage.

And at EVERY duty she was assigned, Tyler had a smile on her face and a cheery voice to greet us.

You might not live near Portage but can I offer some advice?  If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by the theater to meet Tyler.  You don’t even need to see a movie.  It’s worth the price of admission just to see that smile.