Ben enjoyed reading as much as we did listening.

One of our most brilliant ideas on our summer vacation was to listen to a book on tape while we drove.  We all had an interest in finding the first in the series of Harry Potter books but the library copy was checked out.  It isn’t available for streaming though any reputable web sites.  The book stores have it for a small cost of $50 which didn’t fit our vacation budget.  So we settled on the next best thing.  Read it Ourselves.

We couldn’t just leave the book in the car by itself!

Stopping at Books-A-Million in Kokomo, we purchased a paperback, large print edition of the Sorcerer’s Stone and took turns reading it out loud while we traveled.  After several days we were all so enthralled in the story and the quality of Ben’s reading that we brought the book in from the car and just sat in the hotel room listening to the tale.

It was quite enjoyable and a great way to spend time together and finish off a fun book in the process.  I highly recommend it.  In fact, Ben is for rent if you want to take him along on your next vacation!


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