Web Weavers

One of the many spiders taking advantage of the early morning sun in our garden.

With the cooler days and the colder nights, the local arachnid population is hard at work spinning and hunting and preparing for their short remaining weeks of life.

Webs stretch between flowers and branches or near porch lights, perfectly located to capture their prey.  Signs of life and death struggles are evident in the torn filaments and mummified remains of the night’s catch.

Soon we will see egg sacks, neatly woven and hidden away from predators, filled with the next generation of garden spiders.

There is nothing more chilling in my garden.  And yet, there is nothing more fascinating among the tomatoes and Brussle sprouts.

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  1. Amazing animals. Once had a spider web on the back of my van and the anchor line was attached to a shrub a good 20 feet away.


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