Jr. High Retreats and Life Lessons

A few of the Sr. High boys help load the luggage truck before the Jr. High boys depart for a great weekend away.

I gave up my work with Jr. High kids many years ago.  This was necessary for a couple of reasons:  I’m too old and I’m too slow.  The idea of wrangling a bunch of hopped up teens just doesn’t appeal to me any longer.  Now I play a supporting role whenever I’m asked.

For instance, this weekend, as the kids from my church packed up for their Fall Retreat, I was happy to help them check in the 120 boys and their medications.  I was even more happy as I watched them load the buses and drive away without me.

The leadership for this journey is top-notch.  They love the kids and help them grow as people.  For instance, these are a few of the important rules that printed on an index card and given to every young man when they signed in for the event:

* Don’t touch anyone else’s things, stuff, items or junk

* Be nice to each other

* If you see something bad happen and don’t get a leader, you’re a part of it

* Be kind, courteous and clean

* Don’t waste food

* Be a man.  Be responsible.

These might be a few rules for the weekend journey to southern Indiana for some Jr. Highers but they are much more:  These are basic rules for life.  I’m happy that these kids will hear them and be challenged by them this weekend.  I think we could all take a refresher course from time to time.