Crossing Indiana

Peaceful cows enjoy the early fall weather and the fresh green grass in a pasture just south of Indianapolis.

I think Indiana is a beautiful state.  From the amazing Dunes to the fantastic woods of Brown County to the cavernous and majestic trails that run through Turkey State Park, this state offers much to see within its boarders.

But what do I like most about this state I call home?  Well, it would be the hills and valleys that roll throughout the region.  They are almost always dotted with old family farms, grazing cattle, and a basketball hoop of some form or fashion.

These are not isolated to a small portion of the state.  You can find these features in the every corner of the state; north, south, east and west.  You can find them just outside the city limits of booming city of Indianapolis.  They are everywhere from the eastern boarder of Randolph County to the western edge of Tippecanoe.

Indiana’s reputation for flat, open fields is well-deserved.  There are plenty of corn and bean fields for anyone’s taste.  But one doesn’t need to drive far to find a dramatic change of scenery.

Yes, I know that we don’t have towering mountains out our back door and the ocean breeze doesn’t blow in the fresh salt air.  But Indiana offers plenty of its own beauty in every season and I’m so very happy to call it home.