You Want Fries With That?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve eaten my fair share of McDonald’s food over the years…and I like it all except the Big Mac.

But this story is not about the food.  This story is about the service.  Occasionally a visitor to McDonald’s will have the order taken by someone who has yet to learn the English language.  Others might speak English but you wouldn’t know it because the lack of eye contact and the occasional grunt.

But today, we were served by someone the McDonad’s Corporation should be proud to call an Associate.  She is a champion at the McDonald’s window and wears the pins to prove it.

Avigail served the large diet Coke and unsweetened tea with a smile and I like that.  The line was stalled ahead of her window and she was forced to talk to us, and she did so with enthusiasm and intelligence.  She explained that the pins in her cap represented her accomplishments in the organization.  Some celebrated her individual success and others were for the team’s triumph.  The pins announced her abilities in many skills ranging from preparing drinks to caring for customers in a timely fashion.

After the few short minutes I had with Avigail, I wasn’t surprised at her superb level of expertise.

It was encouraging to see a young woman who excelled at her job.  I was even more enthusiastic about her willingness to share pride in her abilities.  I have no doubt she will go far in this world.  I’m sure Avigail’s doesn’t aspire to work at McDonald’s the rest of her life.  She has a promising future.  But even where she works now, in Noblesville’s McDonald’s drive through window, she does it with a smile.

You might pump gas or clean teeth.  You might serve lunch to students or sell ties to professional men.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  It only matters how you do it.  Avigail is a perfect example of this truth and we could all benefit from following her example.