Waiting in the Wings

We are all in the same place, whether you realize it or not.  We are standing in the wings, ready to take the stage and the audience is waiting, ready to see the performance.  They are sitting on the edge of their seats, ready to see what you are about to bring to the stage of your life.

Its an impromptu performance that you’ve been preparing for your entire life.

You may not have an instrument in hand or a speech written on note cards.  you may not have a character in your repertoire or the dance steps memorized but the show will go on and you are playing the leading role.

Each and every day of your life, you step into the spotlight and those around watch.  They gape and gawk in an effort to see the show.

And how do you perform?  Do you play the tragedy with each terrible event that comes your way or are you the clown, entertaining without depth or character?  Are you charming but shallow?  Are you self-absorbed and self-centered?  Are you filled with rage at others…or at yourself?  Are you one personality on the stage of your life and another person behind the curtain?

Does anyone know who you truly are?

What performance do you give when you take the stage?  It’s time to decide.

It’s show time.

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