Road Kill

During a recent 13-hour day on the road, I was blocked from visiting my next location…And was reminded that spending more time on things that matter might not be a bad idea.

You’ve had a long week.  I just know it.

If you are a parent, you’ve run to a thousand practices, picked up a thousand spills and answered a thousand questions.

If you work in business, you’ve typed a thousand emails, attended a thousand meetings and answered a thousand questions.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, what you do.  Life is just too busy and you’ve had a long week.  In fact this might have been one of those weeks you’d be willing to chuck it all and walk away.

But consider the alternatives and busy isn’t bad.  Active is pretty good.  But moderation is the key:  Learn to turn off your email.  If it is that urgent, they’ll call.  Learn what meetings are actually necessary and schedule your calendar accordingly.  Car pool with the other parents to soccer practice, play practice, band practice, math camp, youth group, small group, knitting bee.  Invite people to find their answers in other ways rather than mining the depths of your worn out brain.

Life is busy.  You’ve made it that way.  Now its time to change that pattern.