Election 2012

Dear Powerful God,

I want to just be honest with you, Lord.  I’m sick of politics.

I want to believe that the system we have here works, that the best man or woman for the job will be chosen by the people and then they will lead us with integrity and honor.  I want to know that each candidate brings wisdom and knowledge to the position.  I want to trust that the leaders of our towns, our states, our country will see that our education system is declining, our people are hungry, our status is waning.

But all I hear is accusation and innuendo.  All I see is petty politics and foolish argument.  All the while, the people they serve are lost in the pointless debate.

As we near election day, I pray that someone will rise above and give us a choice, give us leadership and give us hope.

God Bless America and we pray that America will Bless God.  AMEN.

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