One Week, One Weak


Dear Lord of All,

Another week arrives with the rising of the sun.  Another seven days of effort, energy and toil.

And I’ll be honest, God.  I’m not excited about my week.  In fact, I’m dreading it.

I’m dreading the work, the effort, energy and toil that must be expended.  I’m burdened by my schedule that continues to fill with appointments, meetings and responsibilities.  I am frustrated by the increasing number of items that must be done and what seems like a decreasing amount of time to get them done.

And so, this morning, I give my week away.  I give my week to you.  Order my days.  Restore my soul.  Renew my spirit and allow me the grace that I need to face each new morning and all that comes with it.

It is in your precious and holy name I pray.