Do You Have ADHD?

I walked into the doctor’s office to visit with a family member.  I wasn’t even there for myself.  It isn’t even my doctor.  But, before I could even unzip my coat, the receptionist, from across the room yelled for everyone to hear, “Do you have ADHD?”

At first, I looked around to see who she was talking to.  It was obvious she was looking directly at me.  “I’m sorry.  What did you just ask?”

“Do you have ADHD?” She repeated it with confidence and if possible, even louder than before.

At first I thought she was asking for my insurance card but then I realized exactly what she was asking.  All I could think was that I must be nervously vibrating without even knowing.  I loudly asked the receptionist, who was still seated behind the glass all the way across the room, why she thought I had this diagnosis.  Because, honestly, no one has ever asked me this question when I’ve entered a room.  Oh, sure, I get it a lot after people know me but never that early in a relationship.

Realization dawned slowly across her face as she determined either of the stupidity of her question or the simple fact that she mistook me for someone else.  She chose to go with the later option,  “Oh, I thought you were the other guy.”

Right.  The OTHER guy.  I get that a lot.  I’ll just sit here in the corner and twitch and fidget.  Thanks.