My Last Day Off

The view from my new desk location. I love it.

This is my tenth straight day away from the office and to be honest, I really don’t want to go back.  This is the last day of my Thanksgiving Break and I am just not ready to get in the car and drive back down town for work.

But I know that my Christmas Break is just around the corner and I will have another opportunity to another long vacation.  So between now and then, I’ll suffer through the 15 days of work that await me.

The good news is that this time off hasn’t been wasted.  In the 10 days I’ve enjoyed at home, I’ve experienced much rest and rejuvenation.  I’ve filled my days with reading and writing.  I’ve spent quality time with family and friends.  I’ve cooked up a storm:  Everything from banana bread to beef bourguignon, roasted chickens and mashed potatoes, stirred soups and tossed salads.

I’ve walked with my wife and chilled with my children.

I’ve watched West Wing and also witnessed Sandhill Cranes on the wing.

In short, this has been the perfect break.

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