My Age is Showing

Kenny Austin, doing what he does best: Beating us all in a card game.

Six times in the last two weeks I’ve heard the dreaded phrase from good friends and total strangers.  It is meant in fondness and lighthearted kidding but it hits a little too close for comfort:  “That sounds like something my father would say.”

Really?  I’m already becoming my father?  Surely not! I mean, I think back to the things my dad would say and I’m not sure I say anything like his fascinating phrases:

“Two hands for a beginner.”

“Not bad for a rookie.”

“I know you aren’t hungry but these beans need to be eat.” (as he poured the remaining green beans on our plate.)

“You trumped my Ace!”

“I’ll give you something to cry about.”

“Pull my finger.”

“The Smeller’s the Feller.”

I don’t say any of those things…Well, I might say a couple of those things.  Okay, most of those things.  Alright.  I might sound a bit like my father.

But I don’t ACT like my father…Well, I might act like him occasionally.  Okay, most of the time.  Dear Lord, I AM my father!

Now where is my deck of cards?