Oh, Christmas Tree – the 2012 Version

Every year we venture into the wilds of Noblesville’s local tree farm with saw and measuring stick in hand.  It is an age-old tradition of hunting down the most innocent looking Christmas tree, killing it, mounting it on the top of our car, driving it home, and setting it up in our living room, as if it’s lived there all along.

To humiliate the little tree even more, we string it in lights and cheesy ornaments bought from the local hardware store or made in preschool by each of our children.  As proof of cheesy, I present for evidence:  the Christmas Pickle that I purchased for this year’s tree.

But there is also something wonderful about a tradition that is as old as our family.  We scheduled our weekends around this event and I’m happy to say that, even with three adult children in our midst, everyone is game to help the tradition continue.