A Long List of Lasts

My youngest walked in the door the other night and announced, “That was the last time I’ll play Pep Band.”

He wasn’t mad about the music, ticked off with the teacher or bad mouthing the band.  Ben was realizing the truth about this time in his life.  After so many years of high school basketball and pep band performances, this was his last scheduled ball game.

As a senior in high school, he is becoming increasingly aware that each event is his last event:  The last “first-day” of high school.  The last Fall Break.  The last Christmas Break.  The last Christmas Concert, etc.  Each Last reveals just how close he is coming to the May 31 deadline and the end of his high school career.

What I recently realized is that this is also OUR list of The Lasts.  We’ve never been down this road.  We had lots of firsts but this is the last kid completing his activities of his senior year.  So many of his Lasts are also our Lasts.

And, can I just say, I’m fine with that!