The Longest Yard

migrainesMy season has ended in failure.  Despite having the Patriots’ Defense and Peyton Manning’s amazing arm, my fantasy team, The Noblesville Migraines failed to make the playoffs (cue Jim Mora).

Actually, my team started very strong.  We were tied for second place for several weeks and it promised to be a great year.  But as the season went on, The Migraines slid further down the standings.  Each week I lost running backs, wide receivers and tight ends to injuries.  My ability to put a strong team on the field became harder with each game.

So it is no wonder that I watch from the sidelines as the strongest and the fastest play on.  Which makes my announcement all the harder.

There comes a time in every Fantasy Football Coach’s career when he must consider hanging up his whistle.  This is my year.  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’ve loved the electronic grid iron.  But it’s time to say goodbye to the game.  I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family.  All those nights on the road, the practice, the grueling schedule takes it’s toll on a guy and they deserve some quality time with their daddy.

I’ve loved the game and will miss this amazing sport and all the fantasy people involved.  To quote a very wise sports great, Chico Escuela, Football “been berry, berry good to me”.  Goodbye and God Bless you all.