No Tie For You

Enjoying my first cup of Joe - 04:50 on Thursday.
Enjoying my first cup of Joe – 04:50 on Thursday.

Today is the day.  I’m breaking the Christmas Tie tradition.  I’m wearing my collar open.  My neck is exposed.  I’m living life on a very dangerous edge.

After months of buying, weeks of planning, hours of reviewing, I’ve decided at the last minute to leave today’s tie hanging in the closet.  Why, you ask?  Because I am a spontaneous nut.  THAT’s WHY!  You may not know this about me but I’m wacky and crazy.  And, despite my wife’s diagnosis of possible OCD, I can ebb and flow with the best of them.

All of that…That’s why.  That, and the reds in the tie and the shirt I ironed two weeks ago were bothering me.  They just didn’t seem to go together the way they did when I test-wore the outfit on November 27th.

So today, I’m being flexible.  Because I’m a free-wheeling crazy man!  That’s why.