A Full House

We gather in front of our chosen pine and united in purpose, prepare to take it down.
We gather in front of our chosen pine and united in purpose, prepare to take it down.

The Austin Home is very busy these days.  Our two oldest now live in the house and our third is finishing his high school career and preparing to go it alone.  And it is just as it should be right now.

At first, I was frustrated that our kids didn’t stay out.  They left.  They moved.  They were out…and then they returned.  They moved back.  They were in.  And to be honest, I was upset that our rooms would be filled with their things, our refrigerator emptied by their hands, and the noise level increased by their voices.  I wanted a little “me” time.

And then I remembered that they are, after all, “technically” my kids and I am still responsible for them.  More than that, I care for them, I love them and I will help them whenever possible.

And despite my groaning, our children have had the privilege of rekindling their friendships with one another.  They’ve found laughter in each others’ jokes and stories.  They’ve shared interests.  They’ve grown together as family once again. Who they were as young teens has changed into who they are as young men and women.  And they still like one another!

Certainly everything isn’t perfect.  We have to wait in line on laundry day.  It is hard to find a clean coffee mug.  They come and go at odd hours of the day and night.  But, overall, everyone pitches in.  Everyone pulls their weight.  Dinners are more meaningful when we all sit at the table.  Laughter is lighter.  Conversations are deeper.  We have the pleasure of knowing their plans, their dreams, their goals.

Just as leaves fall from the tree before new buds can form, this too is simply a season and too soon it will all change again.  But for now, I’m thankful for the full house.