Christmas Magic

Each year, our small group gathers for a Christmas party.  We eat good snacks, drink cranberry tea, and separate into three different rooms:  The men in the living room to talk about work and football, the kids around the dining room table to play a game, the women in the summer porch doing who-knows-what-women-do.  Between each of the three rooms, Little A (now three) wanders handing out candy, members from a nativity set, and good cheer.

The highlight of the evening is the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  This is a creative bunch and this year Anita scored a home-made IPod speaker stand made from a Pringles can and some toilet paper.  I made off with a 600 piece puzzle in the shape of the map of the world.  Each piece is the shape of an actual country or state.  I’ve already volunteered to look for the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

But this group is not just about fun and games.  These people are my dear brothers and sisters.  They lighten our load.  They share the journey.  They listen well.  They love dearly.  They pray earnestly.  In short, these folks are amazing and I’m so thankful that I get to do life with them.