Confessions of a Yearbook Photographer

1982 was a very good year for me.  One of the highlights was being the yearbook photographer.  I had permission to go places that were usually restricted, I had limitless film at my disposal, and I could do what I love:  Take Pictures.

And I was allowed to go to school activities for free just to snap a few shots of people doing what they did best, like sports, music or art.  I could wander into the Home Economics classroom, hold up my camera and get a nod from the teacher as I snapped away at kids making brownies.  I would stroll into the metal shop, without safety goggles, and capture kids welding metal or cutting off fingers.  Weight Room?  Piece of Cake.  Ag class? No problem.  Art room? Easy access.  Teachers’ lounge?  Okay, so I couldn’t go everywhere.  But nearly every other area of the school was mine.

But not all the shots were added to the yearbook.  Many ended up on the cutting room floor.  Not surprisingly, I also had access to the cutting room.  And so, I give you now, several pictures, never before seen, of the Class of ’82.