Thank Dixie

Perfect AttendanceGrowing up in the heartland in the 70’s, Vacation Bible School was a summer expectation.  Apparently, when I was ten-years-old, I attended the VBS at Christ United Methodist Church in Selma.  I don’t remember the week.  I don’t remember singing, the lessons, crafts or snacks.  I don’t know if it was hot or cold.  I even remember if it was in the morning or afternoon.

Thankfully, my mother saved this certificate for me to ensure that I would know I was there.

I don’t remember the VBS but I do remember Dixie.  Well, I don’t really remember Dixie as much as I remember her name:  Dixie.  Isn’t that a cool name.  I’ve never known another person with that name.  The boat on Lake Webster is named the Dixie but that doesn’t count.

If my memory does work at all, I am able to recall a vague memory of singing with my brother when I was five years old.  Dixie played the guitar and we stood in front of the church and sang, “Put Your Hand In The Hand“.  We received rave reviews and it launched our performance career that took us to the Farmland Street Fair and the Farmland Lion’s Club.  We were big in Farmland.

And so, If I’ve never said it before, I want to say it now:  Thank you to the Selma VBS and Dixie Buffin.  Without you, I wouldn’t have the following I do today.

Oh, and thanks to my mom for saving the certificate so I’d have something to write about today.