Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Always clean.
Always clean. Always goofy. 1994

Jonathan turns 23 years old today.

Our oldest is such a blessing to our lives.  From the first day he was born, he’s brought sunlight into our world.

And while he has changed in his height and weight over the past 23 years, there are some aspects of this gentleman that have never changed.

For instance, Jonathan has a good heart.  I’ve never known someone who is as compassionate and gentle as he.  He cares for the under-dog and is quick to help those in need.  He will go out of his way to make your life better, if it is at all possible.

A great shot in his brief baseball career.
A brief, but brilliant baseball career.

Jonathan is a fantastic big brother.  No one could ask for a better big brother.  He is protective of his sister, rough and tumble with his brother and always ready to help and guide them.  Early pictures of the three kids together always have Jonathan engaging his younger siblings on the floor, at eye level.  He came to them, engaged them and loved them in a way that they will always appreciate.

Jonathan is creative.  Whether cooking in the kitchen, splatter painting in the front yard, taking pictures or writing, Jonathan is always exploring new ways to express himself.  He is a master cook and takes pride in every dish, from the perfect scrambled eggs to Creme Brulee.

Jonathan and Joan get a hug on Christmas Day 2012.
Jonathan and Joan get a hug on Christmas Day 2012.

Jonathan is loving.  When he was young, there was nothing he enjoyed more than cuddling up beside you on the couch.  As he grew, this tendency didn’t change.  As a man, he is still the first in the room to reach out an hug you.  He is a teddy-bear-of-a-man who is not afraid to show affection.

My son is many things.  But most of all, he is a gift to those who know him and love him.

Happy Birthday, son!