My Next Big Break

I’ve had multiple opportunities to be a part of three short films the past 12 months.  And I’ve enjoyed every minute.  The first film, shot in April of last year is still in post-production. The second film, Overboard, was my first leading role and an absolute blast.  I met wonderful people, spent two fantastic days filming, and was allowed to wear some fun boots and a scratchy beard.

Today, I was a part of a movie currently named “Copy”.  As I type this, the crew is still shooting.  At 8:30 this morning I showed up on the site, met the crew, read through my lines a few times and readied myself.  We ran the scenes from every angle; sometimes more than once.

And when it was done, I realized how much fun it is to work in this medium.  I had a great time.  I know we might not win any academy awards but making art is such a joy.  Doing it with people who enjoy the craft is even better.

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