Something’s In The Air…I Hope

Sidney picks up the scent of something good.
Sidney sniffs the air in the hopes of picking up the scent of something good.

The long months of winter are setting in.  Temperatures are dropping, icy roads are forming, the flu is taking grip of the nation, and people aren’t quite as friendly as they were just before Christmas.

The next few months are some of the roughest for Indiana residents.  Sunshine is nearly always hidden by grey clouds.  The trees remain bare and the flowers hidden.  The dogs track in mud from the constant freeze and thaw that leaves the back yard a soaked pit of dirt.  The neighbors rush from their cars to their houses without stopping to wave or talk.

In short, Indiana becomes a desolate wasteland and its residents become a little grouchy.

And it’s hard not to get grouchy.  We leave for work in the dark.  We return home in the dark.  Go to bed and do it all again the next day.

The Colts are out of the playoffs.  Notre Dame got crushed.  Peyton performed as usual.

Rich friends return from exotic, southern-climate, mid-winter vacations spots (like Louisville) all smiles and suntan lines.

It’s too late for Christmas Parties and Turkey Dinners and too early for March Madness and College Hoops.

Any flowers that try to stick out their little buds now will just get a cruel winter-slap in the petals.

Yes, the winter blues have set in.  Oh, sure, we get a beautiful sunset from time to time.  Yes, the snow was lovely.  I agree that the seasons are one of Indiana’s best features.  But if I wanted this much winter, I would move to Fort Wayne.

Oh, I could write a lot more…but it’s time for my therapy.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to sit under my HappyLight 2500.