Day 3 – Garbage In…

2013.02.24 c
Second stop: My neighborhood Kroger!

It’s Sunday and for my family that means two things:  1.  Drop the kids off at church so they can help with the Special Friends (kids with disabilities), and 2.  Shopping while we wait for the kids to be done.

Before you go all “They just drop their kids off at church!“, let me explain that we usually go to the Saturday night service at our church.  But the kids have volunteered to help with the larger crowd on Sunday.  See?  We are religious AND pious.

Back to the story.  When we shop, we often think about what we need to make healthy meals.  Unfortunately, when we get to the store we often buy things because they look and taste better.  The end result is that we often end up with too many chips, too much soda, and too many excuses to eat wrong.

2013.02.24 b
Which rice is the best rice?

But today was different.  Today, I took stock of our pantry.  I made my list of meals for the week and cross-checked this with the supplies on hand.  Fruit?  Check.  Beans?  Double-Check.  Rice?  Triple-Check.  Vege’s?  Plenty.  Mushrooms?  Never enough…And so it went.

So I find myself in the store and am faced with the difficult dilemma of deciding between good food and bad food.  Sure, I made a meal plan.  Of course, I made a list.  But look at all those options!  Can’t you hear the Doritos calling my name?

2013.02.24 a
Piles and Miles of Peppers!

But, in the end I emerged victorious.  Just like I did yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day (okay, it was only day number two and I had no where else to go but up after day number one) and I’m proud.  We walked 35 minutes at a VERY brisk rate…probably because it was very brisk outside.  I stayed under my calorie goal by more than 200 calories.  And we went to church because I’m so very religious.  I was triple blessed.

Yep, yesterday was good and today promises to be even better!

Now it’s time for that walk!