Day 4 – Back to the Grind

Back in the office and typing away on another report.
Back in the office and typing away on another report.

My work is not glamorous.  I push papers and make phone calls.  I coordinate research and occasionally hook patients to sleep equipment to determine if they have sleep apnea.  The studies are done in the patients’ homes. Some days I’m at work at 7:30 in the morning and finish my day at 9:30 at night.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t make for a good fitness routine.  It often makes for a bad diet routine and rarely makes for a good sleeping routine.

Today was one of those “off” days.  I started late in preparation for a sleep study in the evening, trying to keep my work our to under 10 a day.  Unfortunately, the patient called thirty minutes before I was to arrive at their home to inform me that they were unable to have the study tonight.

It put me home much earlier than I expected which could have allowed for a nice evening walk.  However, due to my extremely late night with the Oscars, I’m ready for bed just after supper is finished.

My day was very long, even though it was very short.  I stayed under my calorie goal but I lacked in exercise for the day.  I even wore my tennis shoes to work in case I could break away for a brisk walk around town.

No luck today.  But that’s okay.  I was good when it came to food and tomorrow will be even better!