Day 9 – Killer King

2013.03.02Tracking calories has advantages.  For instance, I now know that eating breakfast at Burger King is no longer an option for me.  Nothing against the King, in fact, I love that place.

But how can I enjoy a meal of a few tater tots and a sausage, egg and cheese Croissan’wich when I now know that this totals to more than 700 calories in one, pathetic meal?

I ordered my food, took my seat and then loaded my calorie counter to add my breakfast to the daily intake.  And then, as the numbers continued to tick off higher and higher, I wanted to stop eating!  But I couldn’t because I wasn’t anywhere near being full.  My stomach cried out for more and all the while I knew that every bite was the equivalent of a spoonful of cholesterol with half the food value of the napkin sitting next to the tater tots!

It was horrible.

The entire drive home was filled with remorse.  My 45 minutes on the treadmill barely touched the lump of grease in my stomach.

Lesson learned:  Stick with fruit.  It tastes better and is better for you.