Rise and Shine!

Robins fill themselves with berries in preparation for Spring.
Robins are unaffected by the time change as they fill themselves with berries in preparation for Spring.

Can I ask a series of questions of you, my faithful readers?

What crazy man thought that Daylight Savings was a good idea?

What does this shift give us?

Does anyone enjoy waking up with one less hour of sleep?

Is there any reason we have to change the clocks at the un-godly hour of two in the morning?

Why can’t we change the clocks at 3:30 on Friday afternoon?

Better yet…Why can’t we just leave them the way they every other day of the year?

Thank you for your indulgence and I look forward to any and all answers.


  1. Hi Curt,
    Long time reader, first time commenter ;). Personally, I enjoy the time change. In fact, in 2004 my first year in Indiana, I was shocked to learn that the state of Indiana, at the time, was on CT half of the year and ET the other half of the year… still doesn’t make sense to me.

    I did some “research” on Wikipedia about daylight savings time and found a lot of interesting information – thanks for nudge to seek out answers. But I still have a lingering question: why did Indiana take so long to observe DST?


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