Day 22 – Growing on the Inside, Shriking on the Out

Some of my artwork is on display at the office. It is a good reminder to foster my creative side.

As I journey through my 49th year, I am striving to accomplish a few goals.  One if to decrease in my body mass.  Get smaller, lose weight.  Tone my tummy.  You get the idea.

Another goal is to increase the things that matter.  Read more.  Learn more.  Be more creative.  Try more new things.  Increase my intellect.  Build my brain.  Train my talent.

To that end, I’ve started eating less and walking more. I’ve put down the pizza and picked up a pen.

I’ve focused in on my photography.  I’ve found time with friends. I’ve listened to the birds.  I’ve stopped to smell the crocus (the only flower out right now). I’ve sketched my ideas and drafted my proposals.  I’ve laughed at my animals and laughed with my family.

In short, I’ve started living life in a way that brings me joy.  My goal is to learn to live in a way that brings me to a place of peace.  And so far, even on day 22, I’m finding success with that!  Who knows what I will accomplish in the remaining 343 days of this year!