Day 24 – The Damn Water Feature

2013.03.17I have been working on a water feature in the corner of my patio for the past five years.  Every spring I tear out the old, broken equipment and liner and start over.

I draw up plans, I buy equipment, I move rocks, I shovel dirt.  I evaluate the flow, the sound and the visual.  Often, I start over with a new plan in an effort to create that perfect look and sound.

My hope is that some day I will be done.  The day will come when it is the perfect addition to my back yard oasis.  But I doubt it. I suspect that this will be a work in progress as long as I have a pump and a bucket and a pile of stone.  If I was honest, the process is as much fun as the final goal.

This is also true about my body and mind.  This Journey to 50 is very much the same.  I watch my calories, track my activity, change my pattern and habit and within a few days realize that I need to make some other minor alterations to get it just right:  Ride the bike more.  Walk the dog farther.  Eat less ice cream and more green vegetables.

It is a never ending program.  Of course, there is an end-goal, but getting there is most of the battle.  Today I weighed in a 207.2.  That’s not down much from last week.  But my goal is 1/2  a pound a week.  So not much is better than none at all.

Some day I will have the perfect water feature.  Some day I’ll have a better body and mind.  Each require constant assessment and maintenance.  Each demand appreciation for the process.