Monday, Again?

IMG_3477I receive regular updates for my computer.  I don’t ask, they simply show up.  Which is nice, because if it were up to me, I wouldn’t remember to check and install these needed additions to my system.

They require that I close down my system and await the software.  Sometimes it takes a matter of seconds to receive the newest version.  Other times, it takes many, many minutes.

The updates are an effort to fix bugs, plug holes and protect my equipment and information.  They are designed to increase performance and decrease problems.

My computer is similar to my own heart and mind.  In truth, we all need to update our internal software from time to time.  Too often, we ignore the need to check our mental programs that run from day to day.  We don’t question our words, our thoughts, our actions.  We simply turn on at the beginning of the day and run the same programs we’ve been using for many years.

Some of us run the same mental operating system that we had in place when we left high school.  We aren’t any different from the 18 year old who walked across the high school stage to receive a diploma.  We still party hard, live hard, and look hard.

Others ran an upgrade when our first child was born. Suddenly, a small life needed us to step up our game and our prior way of operating wasn’t going to work.

A few of us made the change to a newer version during a major life event like the death of a parent or spouse.

Even with these occasional upgrades, our mental security still has gaps, bugs, flaws and we need to run a scan from time to time to ensure optimum performance.

For instance, how are you responding to your coworkers and friends?  Are you receiving their input with grace and charm?  Or are you failing to listen, quickly reacting without understanding all the situation?

What about your children?  When they enter the room, are you turning off the TV, the radio, the mental processes that run constantly in your mind?  Do you talk to them when they are present or is the background noise of your life drowning out the more important conversations that need to occur?

Does your spouse need your attention?

Does your dog need a walk?

Do you think more negative thoughts than positive?

What is the condition of your mind and heart?  Is it time for an upgrade?

Perhaps it is time for a internal check, a system scan, a review of your operating system.  Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a new and better you.

For some, it will take only a quick check.  For others, it might demand an entire re-boot.

Either way, I bet it’s time to upgrade to a new you.


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